My  Interests





My main interest is amateur radio.  I enjoy searching for DX stations I have not yet made a contact with.

Special event stations are another thing that I enjoy hunting for.  I enjoy either the QSLs or certificates that are available from these stations.

Antennas !  Love to tinker with different antennas as long as they don't upset the XYL. 

Besides radio I enjoy my 2 motorcycles.  I have a 1978 Harley Davidson FXE Superglide and a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600.  The Harley is nice but on those longer hauls I prefer the Nomad.  Deb, the XYL and I enjoy the local poker runs and toy runs that take place in the fall.

I am also an avid bowler.  Started bowling back when I was 7 years old in the junior leagues and haven't stopped since.  I bowl one night a week unless someone calls me during the week to sub on their team.  Subbing is great as it's free bowling for me.





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