About Me





  I am 45 years old, married to Deb, the XYL in the photo section, I have 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls.  I live in the town of Lanoka Harbor, NJ.  I am located about 40 miles north of Atlantic City, NJ right  on the east coast.  First licensed as N2QWR in 1992 as a no-code tech.  I upgraded to Tech Plus in 1998, and then to General class in 2000.  I changed my call to K2RET, my initials, in May 2002.  Works real nice for CW.....

   I am employed as a Process Control Technician for The Ocean County Utilities Authority, a waste water treatment facility here in  NJ.  I have been with the company since October 1983. 


 My Station                      

My station is a simple one.  Nothing too elaborate here.  The radio is a Kenwood TS-2000, amplifier is an AMP Supply Co. LK-450-NT using a single Eimac 3-500Z which is good for 500-600 watts.  The microphones I use are both Heil, a Proset headset with HC-4 cartridge and a Goldline GM-5 with HC-5 cartridge.  An MFJ-434 voice keyer, RigBlaster Pro for digital modes and a Vibropex dual paddle iambic keyer for CW.   My antennas are mounted on a 38 foot Rohn 25 tower.  At 40 feet I have a HyGain TH-3 MK-3 Thunderbird Tribander. At 46 feet I have a 3 element M2 6m yagi, and at 52 feet is my 7 element 2m yagi.  My rotor is a Yaesu G-450.  Antenna switching is done in the shack using an Ameritron remote mounted coax switch. Off the tower is an outrigger arm at 36 feet to which it holds a 4 band inverted V for 80/75m, 40m 17m & 12m on one side and my 160m inverted L off the other.  For a vertical HF antenna I use a Cushcraft R7 tuned for CW, mounted 10 feet off the ground and for 2m/440 vertical I have a fiberglass dual band antenna mounted at 16 feet. 


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